Infrared Sauna

Discover an Innovative Remedy for Pain with our Infrared Sauna

At Dahl Family Chiropractic in Madison, we take your healing a step further by offering our infrared sauna technique experience. It works in conjunction with chiropractic care to offer relief from fatigue, stress, and muscle pain. There's nothing quite like a sweat session in a sauna to offer detoxification, weight loss, and improve cardiac health. Our infrared sauna service also gives joint pain relief, alongside the spinal manipulation of chiropractic care.

Discover an Innovative Remedy for Pain with our Infrared Sauna

Stress relief is one of the highest qualifications from an infrared sauna treatment. Most of our Madison patients experience muscle pain relief the instant they set foot in the unique area of electromagnetic radiation. Unlike traditional saunas that heat to high and dry temperatures, an infrared sauna has radiant lamps to warm your body directly. 

They use infrared panels in lieu of traditional heat to penetrate the human tissue and provide relief from joint pain, fatigue, and stress. The infrared also operates at a lower temperature than a regular sauna, which physical therapist's hail as a better way to detoxify the body and improve cardiac health.

What are the Benefits of an Infrared Sauna?

    • Relaxation
    • More sound sleep
    • Tighter and clearer skin
    • Improves circulation 
    • Relief from sore muscles and joint pain
    • Alleviates chronic fatigue syndrome

These are a few of the benefits of an infrared sauna treatment, and we want to ensure your joint stiffness and muscle pain is a distant memory.

In addition to the many positives of the infrared sauna is the fact it simply feels good to be in the electromagnetic heat. The good news is Dahl Family Chiropractic offers this service to our patients, and we believe it enhances the entire healing experience for overall wellness.

There are some tips to get you started when you decide to use an infrared sauna. Aside from the guidelines we provide, it's best to remember these points prior to getting into the whole relaxation experience:

    • Hydrate with plenty of water
    • Choose your temperature based on body weight, acclimation, and desired results.
    • Length of time

Each point is stressed to make certain you reap the overall benefits of the infrared sauna. Our dedicated team will assist in every way possible, however, we want to obtain a health history and have our chiropractor give you an exam beforehand. This allows the wherewithal to ensure your infrared sauna experience is of the highest quality.

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Once you've made the decision to explore further with an infrared sauna treatment, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our welcoming front office staff. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (608)829-0074 to learn more.  


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I always get great care. If I had only one practitioner to care for me it would be Dr. Dahl. She is a wise and compassionate soul. And, I love the sauna!"
    Libby C
  • "I have never before had a chiropractor spend so much time other me and explain things so thoroughly. Dr. Dahl is so patient! Plus, her adjustments are great, exactly what I need. I highly recommend her!"
    Wendy B.