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Prenatal Chiropractic Services From Your Chiropractor in Madison, WI

Although often a time of joy and expectation, pregnancy generates many common patient complaints such as nausea, back pain, and headaches. Prenatal chiropractic care can effectively treat pregnant women suffering from lower back pain, pelvic pain, and many more. Pregnant women who visit Dahl Family Chiropractic in Madison can experience relief from common pregnancy complaints thanks to natural treatment that avoids the use of medication and surgery.


Overview of Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment

Prenatal chiropractic care is an umbrella term for a number of natural services to maintain or correct the state of the spinal column and its various components, nerves, and bones in a woman who is pregnant. Correcting misalignment of spinal joints reduces stress on nerves in the spine and cultivates whole-body health. Prenatal services promote balance and alignment of the pelvis as the pregnancy advances.

Our chiropractor has special training in helping pregnant patients lessen their pain and discomfort with safe and effective methods, such as the Webster technique. Our chiropractic techniques avoid any abdominal stress, and our adjustable tables accommodate the physical changes that occur during pregnancy.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

An important part of prenatal chiropractic care is patient education. Our chiropractor will explain to you what is changing physically during the pregnancy and help you establish better communication with the members of your obstetrical team. 

Prenatal services are especially beneficial for these musculoskeletal problems during pregnancy:

  • Sciatic Nerve Pain
  • Round Ligament Pain
  • Lower-Back Pain
  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic misalignment can make it hard for a baby to reach the optimal position for delivery, possibly increasing the chance of a non-invasive birth, such as breech birth.

During pregnancy, you are also at higher risk for developing subluxations as your body undergoes physical changes. Our chiropractor will look for any subluxations and correct them using chiropractic adjustments. These gentle, targeted movements realign the vertebrae in the back.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Madison Chiropractor for Prenatal Care

Prenatal chiropractic services are ideally suited to the patient who wants natural therapies to relieve pregnancy-related discomfort. Our Madison chiropractor, Dr. Ann Marie Dahl, helps alleviate many common complaints raised by our pregnant patients. We offer chiropractic care to individuals of all ages in a family-oriented setting. Be sure to call Dahl Family Chiropractic today at 608-829-0074 to schedule an appointment and learn how chiropractic care can change your life.



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  • "I always get great care. If I had only one practitioner to care for me it would be Dr. Dahl. She is a wise and compassionate soul. And, I love the sauna!"
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    Wendy B.