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Services Provided by Our Madison, WI Chiropractor 

At Dahl Family Chiropractic, serving Madison, WI and the surrounding region, we help people with their musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. We assist in healing injuries and managing chronic diseases in manners that work with the body. Not to mention, they're natural. We offer a wide variety of services and use treatments that complement one another to reduce your pain.

Chiropractic Care  

One of the main treatments we provide is chiropractic alignments. An alignment is a treatment that consists of our chiropractor moving the vertebrae in your back. By ensuring they are in line with your discs, it alleviates pressure on the surrounding nerves and soft tissue. This helps to correct a variety of issues, including low back pain, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica.

We also provide spinal decompression at our office. During this treatment, our chiropractor will ask you to lay down on a table. Once positioned, you are connected to a series of pulleys and other rigging. The device pulls your spine and relieves pressure on the discs. It allows your discs to heal if you sustained an injury like a herniated disc. The device reduces low back pain and can take pressure off the sciatic nerve, if you have sciatica. It's beneficial for those with degenerative disc disease as well. If you have pain in your lower back or anywhere else throughout your musculoskeletal system, we can help reduce it by using corrective exercises and chiropractic care.  

Prenatal Chiropractic Care   

During pregnancy, the excess weight puts extra stress on a woman's body, causing issues like back pain. Some women experience migraines as a result of hormonal fluctuations. Nutritional deficits are common during pregnancy because the unborn child takes the mother’s body of the nutrients that she needs. Not to mention, eating a balanced diet is more important than ever during pregnancy. At Dahl, we provide safe chiropractic care to pregnant women to reduce their aches and pains. Additionally, we help women develop a healthy eating plan for both the health of the mother and the developing baby. 

Pediatric Chiropractic Care 

Even children can experience back problems and other musculoskeletal pain. For these issues, we offer natural treatments like spinal alignments. We safely move the vertebrae in your child's spine to relieve pain. We're able to diagnose and treat scoliosis, a condition that causes an abnormal curvature in your child's spine. It's especially common in girls before puberty. 

Custom-Made Orthotics 

Spinal pelvic stabilizer, also known as orthotics, is a device that supports your feet. It helps reduce pain by supporting the arch of your foot and help keep your body align.

Lifestyle Advice

We help our patients with lifestyle advices to ensure that you reach maximum wellness. The activities that we provide is to help prevent future injuries at home, at work, or while playing sports.

Nutritional Counseling

If you are looking for a better way to achieve your health goals, we offer programs to help you reach that goal. We will recommend you to healthy food choices and supplements. Each program will be designed to fit your needs.


These are designed to specific physiological treatments to enhance your healing process. Our treatments includes interferential electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical traction, cryotherapy, and moist heat therapy.

Infrared Sauna

People who experience muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness can find pain relief with our infrared sauna.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I always get great care. If I had only one practitioner to care for me it would be Dr. Dahl. She is a wise and compassionate soul. And, I love the sauna!"
    Libby C
  • "I have never before had a chiropractor spend so much time other me and explain things so thoroughly. Dr. Dahl is so patient! Plus, her adjustments are great, exactly what I need. I highly recommend her!"
    Wendy B.